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 Welcome to Windsor Township Emergency Services' website.  On our web pages you will find information about the services, facilities, equipment, and most importantly people, that make up our department.



The Department is owned and operated by Windsor Charter Township.  We provide services to Windsor Township and the Village of Dimondale, and have automatic aid and mutual aid agreements with communities around us.

 Primary services provided are:

  • Fire - traditional fire and rescue services, including extrication from vehicle accidents
  • Emergency Medical Services (EMS) - we provide paramedic level (Advanced Life Support) ambulance service
  • Hazardous Materials Incident Response - Windsor Township Emergency Services and the Charlotte Fire Department jointly staff the Eaton County Hazardous Materials Unit. 

We are also involved in many activities that complement our mission, such as CPR training, public fire and safety education programs, fire fighting and EMS training programs, and pre-planning for major disaster response.

 Our department is a "combination" department, meaning that it is staffed by full-time and volunteer personnel. 

 To learn more about us, stop by our station any time.


 Mission Statement


The Mission of Windsor Township Emergency Services is to provide quality Fire, Rescue, Emergency Medical, and Hazardous Materials response service to the Citizens of Windsor Township and the Village of Dimondale, and to persons who visit or travel through them. 

 To accomplish this, Windsor Township Emergency Services will:

 *  Set its standard of service at the highest possible level, recognizing not only the action required to control the immediate situation, but also the personal and emotional needs of the affected persons and the potential impact on the environment and society as a whole.


*  Encourage the professional and personal development of its members.


*  Work with other community agencies in a coordinated effort in the best interest of the community.


*  Coordinate with related agencies in surrounding communities to minimize unnecessary duplication of effort and make mutual provisions to deal with emergencies beyond the scope of the resources of any particular agency.

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